Dog Website Design

Dog Website Design for dog breeders, veterinarians, dog sitters and dog walkers!


We create fantastic websites for dog related businesses that you can edit! You have full control over your site.


We’ve created dog websites for breeds such as Yorkies, Toy Teacup Schnauzers, Toy Poodles, French Bulldogs, Miniature Schnauzers, Pomeranians, Labrador Retrievers, Shih-Tzu, Havanese and more.


Your site will make an instant impact on your visitors. First impressions are important to those who visit your site. That is why your site should have a design that is eye catching. We will create something for you where visitors are impressed with your dogs and want to click to see all that you have to offer.


New Page Editor

cmsNew for 2014! We have a new page editor that now allows you to do even more with your site! As a matter of fact, you can now edit your site from your mobile device such as your ipad. Take photos or videos of your dogs using your ipad and then simply upload them to your site. Very cool new feature!

The new page editor is very easy to work with and allows you to have complete control over your site!

  • Create new pages or remove pages on your site
  • Create multiple slideshows on any of your pages
  • Add multiple photo galleries of your dogs and puppies to any page
  • Create a contact form on your contact page or any page
  • Create a puppy application form on any page
  • Add google adsense to generate revenue from your web site
  • Adjust Search Engine meta tags for higher rankings
  • Add a blog page and add new posts
  • Add your dog photos and text to your pages
  • Add Youtube videos any where on any of your pages
  • Upload your dog and puppy videos to place on any page
  • Upload any document and place it on any page
  • Create columns that you can fill with text, photos, videos, flash etc.
  • Add a shopping cart and fill it with products
  • Products can be physical or downloadable types

Place You Tube Videos of your dogs onto any page. It is simple to do.

Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background

Slide Shows! Place them anywhere you’d like! It’s very easy to do. You could use a slideshow to show case your new litter of puppies – Awesome!